meet the board: Per Strömsjö

Let's meet another member of the SAISec Board!

What's your name?
Per Strömsjö

What's your job?
Information Risk Specialist with SEB IT Service

How did you get involved in Information Security?
Once upon a time, I worked as a systems programmer within the defense electronics sector. Needless to say, security is pretty high on the agenda in such an environment.

What aspect of InfoSec do you find most interesting/challenging?
People and processes. I'm more interested in motivating people to keep a system in good shape, than focusing on trying to "get everything right" once and for all in a construction phase.

Any aspect of InfoSec which is being hyped or overrated?
Products, products and products. "Install this and be secure!"

Do you have a favorite InfoSec author/expert/commentator whom you would recommend others to read?
Gary McGraw, (@cigitalgem, CTO of Cigital) is a constant source of inspiration.

Do you see other fields of research which could be important for InfoSec?
Sociology and psychology. People can be the strongest link!

What role do you think an alumni association like SAISec should play?
Be a link between industry and academia. 

How can students and alumns get involved in SAISec?
Get in touch. Suggest lectures, demos or other activities. Help organize them and spread the word.

What inspires you (except for InfoSec of course)?
Coaching and mentoring. Bi-directional learning at its best!