meet The Board: Fredrik Björck

Let's meet a member of the SAISec Board!

What's your name?
Fredrik Björck

What's your job?
Associate Professor of Computer and Systems Sciences (Universitetslektor, Information Security)

How did you get involved in Information Security?
I have always had an interest in how things work around me, and quickly understood that InfoSec was going to be the difference between war and peace, dictatorship and democracy, food or hunger, integrity or surveillance. Therefore, I decided to dedicate my professional life to information security. Formally my career in information security started in 1995 with a thesis on "electronic payment systems for global networks", and I was later admitted to a masters programme in information systems security at the London School of Economics (LSE).

What aspect of InfoSec do you find most interesting/challenging?
Human behavior and security.

Any aspect of InfoSec which is being hyped or overrated?
Sometimes we tend to exaggerate the threats. It is not about hyping, but sometimes we need to explain better and scare people less.

Do you have a favorite InfoSec author/expert/commentator whom you would recommend others to read?
No, but www.informationssakerhet.se is a good source for information.

Do you see other fields of research which could be important for InfoSec?
Internet of Things, Data Mining, eDiscovery, Institutional Theory

What role do you think an alumni association like SAISec should play?
Tie together different types of actors in the field.

How can students and alumns get involved in SAISec?
In whichever way they like.

What inspires you (except for InfoSec of course)?
My daughters, good ideas and fast cars.

Thanks, Fredrik!