thesis within IT Forensics

Students Isabella Hellman and Johan Ångström are busy writing a thesis about terminology within IT Forensics and kindly offered the SAISec blog an interview.

Tell us a little about yourselves!
We're both studying our 3rd year in Computer and Systems Science at Stockholm University. 

What is your thesis about and why did you pick this subject?
We are trying to produce a standardization of Swedish terminology within IT Forensics. We did propose a different InfoSec subject at first, but our supervisor was already involved in producing a book about standardization. We thought this was a really exciting subject, so without hesitation we picked this one instead. 

Any finding you can share with us already...?
Right now we have produced 20 terms that are more or less ready to be published but we will send this as a referral to two people in the IT Forensics department at Rikskriminalpolisen (National Criminal Investigation Department). We interviewed them, and since we want to assure the quality of translations and definitions, we will send this to knowledgeable people who can offer their feedback.

Why did you choose to focus on the field of Information Security?
We think this area is exciting and is one that constantly needs to be updated. When our supervisor proposed this idea to us, we saw the chance to make an important scientific contribution that will be used by people who work in this area, and that was very important to us.

Any advice to students who consider studying InfoSec?
The most important is to have an interest in InfoSec. You will learn the technical skills during the process, and not everything is highly technical. Dare to do it, if you’re interested!

Many thanks, and good luck to Isabella and Johan!